HTC18: the winners!


The winners of Hack the City 2018 prizes.

1st prize
The Hack the City 2018 1st prize with a value of CHF 5’000.- has been awarded to team “BlueMed” (Pietro Ghezzi and Franck Pilosel).
Bluemed advisor is a chatbot (AI – Artificial Intelligence) created with the IBM Watson assistant aimed to give 24/7 instant assistance by diagnosing the patients problem following established protocols, reducing healthcare costs and waiting times. The solution can be applied as an alternative to Healthcare Insurance Telmed services, triage in the context of Emergency Rooms or by data collection.

2nd prize
The 2nd prize (CHF 2’500.-) has been awarded to team “TadaSana” (Diego Ulisse Pizzagalli, Madalina Mahrus, Sonia Pozzi, Fabio Verbosio) for their multidisciplinary prototype named ChariPose. ChairPose combines low cost sensors with artificial intelligence algorithms to help maintaining an ergonomic posture while sitting at the desk.

3rd prize
CHF 1’000 have been awarded to team “Spotliet” (Luigi Frunzio and Simone Masiero). Two university students who dealt with the fake news problem. Their project is a tool to detect if a news is biased or not. If biased, it is probably fake or at least impartial, if not, it is probably a valid news.

Other prizes
– Direct access to the Fondazione AGIRE/CP Start-Up acceleration program 2018: Bluemed.
– USI Informatics Master scholarship: Spotliet.
– IBM special mention: Spotliet.
– Eidoo special mention: Tom & Jerry (Gianmarco Fraccaroli e Francesco Zuppichini).
– RSI special mention: I figli di Kmer (Davide Molinelli, Alessandro Castiglioni, Emanuele Falzone).
– Quantide special mention: WasteRedux (Colin Rawlings, Kartik Buddha, Mateusz Bukowski).
– White Peaks acknowledgement: Outlethe (Daniele Zuddas, Andrea Aquino, Alberto Goffi).

A big shout & thank you to our amazing sponsors!
ACER Europe, BancaStato, CP Start-Up, Eidoo, RSI Radiotelevisione svizzera and Wikimedia CH

Also thank you to all the partners, mentors, judges and who, behind the scenes, has worked for and with us!

HTC18: Teaser


Do you have an idea or a project you would like to develop?
Do you have the skills to help turn an idea or a project into something meaningful and tangible?

Attend Hack the City, the programming and innovative idea generation marathon of Southern Switzerland.
Compete individually or in a team together with other developers, designers, makers, entrepreneurs and tech enthusiasts.
Make use of the 48 hours available to build and showcase a creative and impactful solution to an everyday problem.
Win up to CHF 5,000 in cash prizes and other exciting rewards.

HTC18 schedule

HTC18: the 4th edition at USI Lugano


Hack the City is back. After 3 years in Chiasso, the latest edition of the sunniest hackathon in Switzerland will take place in Lugano, at the University of Southern Switzerland (USI), from the 27th to the 29th of April, 2018.
Hack the City is the official hackathon of the Italian speaking Switzerland, and has become one of the most popular events of this kind countrywide, thanks to its informal approach and the rich money prizes awarded (more than CHF 40’000 in 3 years).

For its 4th edition, the competition will take place at USI, in a more suited environment and closer to the institutions that have supported it from the beginning, including the University of Applied Sciences (SUPSI), CP Start-Up and AGIRE Foundation. Moreover, since 2016, the Canton of Ticino and its office for economic development (USE) have recognised Hack the City as the entry point for those who are interested to turn their ideas into future innovative projects or startups. In fact, the event is organised within the Regional Innovation System of Ticino (RIS), which means, that those who attend will have a direct connection to the most important partners involved in supporting and promoting the innovation in Ticino and also in Switzerland.

A welcome addition to HTC18 is the presence of the 3 accredited universities of the region: SUPSI, USI and, for the first time, Franklin University Switzerland. The involvement of these academic institutions is very important, because it will foster and incentivise the collaboration among attendees coming from different environments and study backgrounds, which makes the event truly international. Developers, designers, makers and people passionate about technology and innovation will collaborate intensively on projects and compete in team to showcase their talents and to find creative and impacting solutions to everyday problems. Money prizes (1st prize CHF 5’000.-, 2nd CHF 2’500.- and 3rd CHF 1’000.-) will be awarded to the 3 best ideas and projects. In addition, the involved companies that will be present with their mentors and technical staff, will be able to observe and approach potential new hires during the 48 hours of hacking, in a more informal context and by skipping certain friction points that are usually present during the recruiting phases.

Attendees will not have an assigned theme this year; i.e. any kind of idea or project is very welcome. Of course, there will be special mentions issued by sponsors and partners, but those will range across several fields, from Fintech to original mobile app solutions, from blockchain to IoT. Creativity will be one of the most appreciated criteria, followed by the potential impact of the presented solution.

To enter the competition, the interested attendees have to register on The platform has features that allow to set up a team and invite members, or join an existing team as a member. It is also possible to use the internal messaging system to communicate with each other. This is a nice add on compared to other hackathons: in fact, HTC is the only hackathon that allows attendees to set up their teams before the official start or also work from home. This is a feature that people from abroad like very much; in fact, HTC in the previous editions had attendees attending remotely from Thailand, Singapore, India, Russia, Brazil, Italy and Germany.
However, it will be possible to do it also in the “traditional” way: during the opening session on the 27th, there will be time to pitch ideas and to create or join a team while having an appreciated “aperitivo”.

As in the previous editions attendees will have to pay a small and symbolic entry fee. Early bird tickets will be CHF 20.- until the 15th of February. Visitors and guests coming on Friday the 27th and on the 29th of April will not have to pay (but booking is highly recommended).

HTC17: Thank you!


The event is over, but we have a lot of contents and info to share with you!
Have a look at the 2 Digital evenings’ videos (link or find them below) we recorderd in Chiasso.
Also, find out more about the winners of the HTC17’s hackathon and do not miss the photo galleries on our blog!

Thank you!

We’d like to thank all the people who have supported us: the sponsors, the partners, the mentors (amazing!), the members of the jury and the speakers who kindly accepted our invitation to join us and make Hack the City 2017 memorable.
Many people have been involved to organise this event: shout out to you and for your time and efforts, we appreciated it!

A big thank you to all you attendees at the hackathon and guests at the Digital evenings! Thanks for coming and enjoying the experience. Without you this event would not exist!

Please do not forget to follow us via our social channels: we have active accounts on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and Google+ where we regularly post updates and news about forthcoming events or facts related to Hack the City.

Take care and… See you soon!

1st Digital evening
2nd Digital evening

HTC17: The winners!


The winners of Hack the City 2017!

1st prize
The Hack the City 2017 1st prize with a value of CHF 5’000.- has been awarded to the team “MonteLabs” for their project named Orion.
Orion is a blockchain digital ID solution that allows governmental agencies to provide services and run public consultations in a secure, transparent and easy way.

2nd prize
The 2nd prize (CHF 2’500.-) has been awarded to the team “Wash My Pants” for developing a matching platform for people in need of washing their clothes, but with no time or unwilling to do it, with occasional people ready to do it for them (for a small fee).

3rd prize
CHF 1’000 have been awarded to the “Hooli” team for ranking 3rd. SmartCam4SafeCity consists of a smart camera able to detect moving vehicles thanks to computer vision algorhythms. A safety system aimed to prevent vehicle attacks during events, venues or at places where car traffic is not allowed.

Special mentions
– Highest social impact according to lastminute foundation: WashMyPants;
– Most innovative project in the digital and online sales field by NetComm Suisse: WashMyPants;
– Best sustainable mobility project according to SocialCar: BrainSquad;
– Best Wikimedia open-source APIs and data integration: MonteLabs.

A big shout & thank you to our amazing sponsors!
AGE, Pacchetti BancaStato, CP Start-Up, lastminute foundation, NetComm Suisse, RSI, SocialCar, Wikimedia CH

Also thank you to all the partners and who, behind the scenes, has worked for and with us!