HTC18: the winners!


The winners of Hack the City 2018 prizes.

1st prize
The Hack the City 2018 1st prize with a value of CHF 5’000.- has been awarded to team “BlueMed” (Pietro Ghezzi and Franck Pilosel).
Bluemed advisor is a chatbot (AI – Artificial Intelligence) created with the IBM Watson assistant aimed to give 24/7 instant assistance by diagnosing the patients problem following established protocols, reducing healthcare costs and waiting times. The solution can be applied as an alternative to Healthcare Insurance Telmed services, triage in the context of Emergency Rooms or by data collection.

2nd prize
The 2nd prize (CHF 2’500.-) has been awarded to team “TadaSana” (Diego Ulisse Pizzagalli, Madalina Mahrus, Sonia Pozzi, Fabio Verbosio) for their multidisciplinary prototype named ChariPose. ChairPose combines low cost sensors with artificial intelligence algorithms to help maintaining an ergonomic posture while sitting at the desk.

3rd prize
CHF 1’000 have been awarded to team “Spotliet” (Luigi Frunzio and Simone Masiero). Two university students who dealt with the fake news problem. Their project is a tool to detect if a news is biased or not. If biased, it is probably fake or at least impartial, if not, it is probably a valid news.

Other prizes
– Direct access to the Fondazione AGIRE/CP Start-Up acceleration program 2018: Bluemed.
– USI Informatics Master scholarship: Spotliet.
– IBM special mention: Spotliet.
– Eidoo special mention: Tom & Jerry (Gianmarco Fraccaroli e Francesco Zuppichini).
– RSI special mention: I figli di Kmer (Davide Molinelli, Alessandro Castiglioni, Emanuele Falzone).
– Quantide special mention: WasteRedux (Colin Rawlings, Kartik Buddha, Mateusz Bukowski).
– White Peaks acknowledgement: Outlethe (Daniele Zuddas, Andrea Aquino, Alberto Goffi).

A big shout & thank you to our amazing sponsors!
ACER Europe, BancaStato, CP Start-Up, Eidoo, RSI Radiotelevisione svizzera and Wikimedia CH

Also thank you to all the partners, mentors, judges and who, behind the scenes, has worked for and with us!